Welcome to AAGB 2018


Advance in Arachis through Genomics and Biotechnology. AAGB-2018 .

The Peanut Genome Initiative (PGI)
The Peanut Genome Initiative is a committed step by the international research community to meet the needs of the peanut industry through genomics and biotechnology.
The legume peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.), also known as groundnut, is one of the world’s most important oilseed and food crops. Its cultivation is mostly confined to the tropical, subtropical and warm temperate
countries with the major production in Asia and Africa. Peanut is a primary source of food and income in developing countries, in particular for rural families, and it represents an excellent cash crop for domestic markets or foreign trade. In the context of climate change, increasing demographic pressure and dwindling natural resources, the production of this grain legume faces
serious threats. The international research community is faced with the responsibility of developing new groundnut varieties that meet higher yield and quality standards. This d


emands improved communication between scientists and stakeholders. During this last decade, the peanut research community has made stellar progresses. The genome sequences of several peanut wild diploid relatives are now available as well as high throughput
genotyping resources and the assembling of the tetraploid genome is completed. These recent advances need to be translated into application, particularly in Africa, in order to be a real game changer for the scientists working on peanut. With this vision, the 10th Advances in Arachis through Genomics and Biotechnology (AAGB-2018) will be organized in Senegal in order to favor the participation of African scientists that have fewer opportunities to attend international conferences and consequently are less exposed
to the advances made on genomic and molecular genetics. Additionally, the conference will include researchers from broader fields, to discuss how to improve the adaptation, productivity, quality and safety issues using modern genomics and biotechnology tools.
The conference will be organized under well-structured technical sessions that will include invited lectures by eminent speakers in the fields of Breeding, Genomics, Allelic Diversity, Germplasm Enhancement, Genomic Resources, Biotic and Abiotic Stresses, and
Product Quality and Safety. There will also be a poster exhibition on these major themes. Excursions and sight seeing tours will also be arranged. The Organizing Committee is endeavoring to make this nevent scientifically rewarding and socially enjoyable.

Date and Venue
AAGB-2018 will held from 12 to 16 November 2018 at Palm Beach hotel. http://www.palmbeach.sn, Saly, Senegal. November corresponds to the end of the rainy season and the weather should be hot, but pleasant.