Ground Transportation

In case you miss the hôtel’s shuttle, you have several other possibilities to reach Saly. You can take from the airport:

– An Express shuttle of Dakar Dem Dik going to Mbour Saly. The ticket price is 3000 cfa (=5.46$), (=4.57 euros). The rotation frequency is about 20 to 25 min. The final stop is Saly Center. You join your hotel by walking.  If it’s Palm Beach, you will walk less than 5 minutes. The other hotels selected are in a ray of 100 meters. See below the map to reach your hotel.

– A taxi which drives you straight to your hotel. The prices are between 8000 and 10000 f CFA (=14 and 18$), (=12 and 16 euros).

If you have any emergency, please call this number for assistance +221 77 761 53 88 Dr Daniel Fonceka ( or +221 77 658 67 00 Mrs Astou Faye Gueye (